Perga antike Stadt Antalya

Perga ancient city Antalya Древний город Перга Анталия Perga antike Stadt Antalya Perga oude stad Antalya

Perga antike Stadt Antalya is located 8 km from Antalya airport. Streets, fountains and canals are integrated with the river. Streets and buildings were faced with marble.

Perga or Perge (Greek: Πέργη Perge, Turkish: Perge) was an ancient Greek city in Anatolia, once the capital of Pamphylia Secunda. The creators of such a city possessed a high architectural, artistic, technological and economic level and were able to deliver a large amount of building material to the place. The ruins of the ancient city of Perga are excavated recently. Perga antike Stadt Antalya is an amazing archaeological site that you just have to visit. It is advisable to reserve 2 – 4 hours. The parking is large, convenient and free of charge. Adequate footwear and a supply of water are desirable.

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