Side antike Stadt

Side ancient city Древний город Сиде Side antike Stadt Side oude stad

Side antike Stadt is located 66 km from Antalya airport. Streets, an amphitheatre, the Temple of Apollo are located on the peninsula. Streets and buildings were faced with marble.

Side’s star attraction is an excavated site of ancient Hellenistic and Roman ruins that include the remnants of a colossal amphitheater, an agora, a Byzantine basilica, public baths, marble columns and various temples. The Roman baths are now restored to house a museum, which displays a number of Roman statues and artifacts. Overlooking the beach, the Temple of Apollo is a spectacular sight, especially at sunset. The creators of such a city had a high architectural, artistic, technological and economic level. There are many places in the town where the remains of ancient structures or mosaics are visible under the glass pavement or floor. There are many dining places in the town for a variety of tastes. The parking is large, convenient and free of charge. Entrance to the ruins and the Temple of Apollo is free of charge, to the amphitheatre is paid.

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