Antalya Düden park

Antalya Düden park Анталия Дюден парк

Antalya Düden park location is 7 km from Antalya old City. One way walk distance is 4 km. Düden park in Antalya, Lara is incredible for walk with stunning view of sea and Düden waterfall lower. The park is one of visit card of Antalya and must been seen.

You could either start or finish walk near nice Düden waterfall lower with stunning views. The park has a lot of tables with seats, bicycle line, beach under cliff. Electric scooters are available for rent in the park.
View of nature is great, but be ready for crowd in the park. Unfortunately Antalya Düden park is full smokers and rubbish after them. Bicycle line is usually full of pedestrians.
Many fresh squeezed juices places, ice-cream, cafe and restaurants could take payment by cards. Access to the Antalya Düden park is free.Parking is free depends on location.

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