Alanya Dim Cave

Alanya Dim cave, Аланья Пещера Дим

Alanya Dim Cave location is 150 km from Antalya old City and 11 km from Alanya and is 232 meters above sea level. Dim Cave is the second largest cave open to visit Turkey because of the precious stalactites, stalagmites, columns, curtain macaroni and travertine formations.

Remarkable place. You could see nature from inside. At the end of the Dim cave you will see the lake. This place definitely worth your visit. Floor and steps are wet. Please take proper shoes.
The entrance to the Alanya Dim Cave costs 18 TL by cash only. Parking is paid near the Dim cave.
There are several cafes located nearby on the road. Our suggestion is to reserve 1-2 hours for Dimcayi Pinarbasi Alabalik Restaurant. Take swim suit with just in case.

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Dimcayi Pinarbasi Alabalik Restaurant


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