Red Springs, Karahayit

Red Springs, Karahayit, Красные травертины, Карахабит

Karahayit village location is 250 km from Antalya old City and 7 km from Hierapolis Pamukkale. Due to the minerals existing in its structure, the Red Springs, Karahayit hot spring water spreads reddish colour to the environment and it is believed that they provide healing to the visitors for more than 5000 years.

The ‘Kirmizi Su‘ which translates to red water – natural hot thermal springs bubbling from beneath the calcite rocks – are very rich in calcium, magnesium and sulphurs, at about 56 degrees.
In contrast to Hierapolis Pamukkale white hills, the ground around this small iron-rich spring was stained red, while in the distance, dry barren hills were sporadically dotted with pine. All local pools with original thermal water have reddish colour instead transparent water of nearby Cleopatra Pool.
Today the area around the Red Springs has a cafe, hotels and places to relax.

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Red Springs, Karahayit


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